The Best of the MLM Recruiting Tips: Learn How to Write Effective Network Marketing Articles

MLM recruiting tips run the gambit from A to Z: Advertize widely to Zap your relatives with guilt if they don’t join. So many of the MLM recruiting tips you will run across (postcards, mass emails, business cards, flyers, captive relative parties, etc.) result in no more than a 1% response rate. “That’s just way too expensive,” you say. You just made a very intelligent observation that will automatically discard 95% of the MLM recruiting tips you will run across. Here is one of the very best MLM recruiting tips I have learned during my 30 years in the business and when done right it should provide 25% to 50% response (sign-up) rates.

Learn how to write effective network marketing articles and how to get them well placed in the major web search engines. There are several things you need to know about using such articles.

In order to write excellent marketing articles you must first have an extensive understanding of MLM and network marketing. This requires training, which you can provide for yourself by diligently studying books and web articles on the subject. You might opt for the quicker and more thorough route provided by an MLM training program.

The next step in using these MLM recruiting tips is to gain the writing skills necessary to produce good articles. Organize each article in this way. (1) Tell the reader what you are going to say. (2) Say it. (3) Finally, remind him what you said. Load your network marketing articles with proven MLM recruiting tips – one, two or perhaps three per article.

The final step for using these MLM marketing tips is to learn how to sprinkle them with the very keywords that interested folks use when searching for network marketing articles. The web is filled with suggestions. Learn to use Google’s free Key Word Tool to select those words and phrases before you begin writing your network marketing articles.

Also, learn how to use the Alexa Page Ranking System. You only want your network marketing articles to appear near the beginning of the article pages – preferably on page one. Being buried on page 10 or 1,000 is little better than not having written the article in the first place.

Achieving good page rank for your network marketing articles depends on using key words that have a search record between 500 and 5,000 searches each month and that are used infrequently by the highest placed articles. (As you learn about page rank, this will become clear.)

The process of writing and placing quality network marketing articles really is not as complicated as it may sound. As MLM recruiting tips go, this is probably the best one, so dig in and master it. Potential recruits searching the web for information find your article. If it is helpful they click on the link to your site at the end of each of your network marketing articles. They opt into your newsletter or to receive some free offer you have for them. (Presenting Free offers is another of the best MLM recruiting tips.) In this way your network marketing articles help you build a substantial mailing list of truly interested contacts. Continue to send them FREE, truly helpful, information and network marketing articles and eventually they are likely to joining your MLM offer.

So, find excellent key words that provide top of the list page rank, develop truly helpful, well written network marketing articles filled with MLM recruiting tips and other ‘how to’ information, and make lots of free offers. Your advertising expense just dropped to zero and your response rate probably jumped from 1% to over 25%.

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