How to Turn Your Written Marketing Articles Into an EBook

Writing marketing articles can be very time consuming and energy draining. Plus these articles contain a great deal of useful content. Using these articles only once is inefficient.

Repurposing content is a key concept for the learning content creator who wishes to succeed as an information marketer. It makes sense therefore to turn your written marketing articles into an eBook.

But how can you turn your written marketing articles into salable content such as an eBook? In this article, I’m going to explain four ways to repurpose content as both an eBook and marketing articles.

1. It’s always easier to go from the larger to the smaller. Strictly speaking this isn’t turning your articles into an eBook. What I’m suggesting here is doing the reverse. Write an eBook and then break it apart into a series of marketing articles. While it would seem that it is easier to do the reverse, the truth is it’s always easier to go from the larger piece to a series of smaller articles.

2. Create a collection of articles. If you are faced with needing to go from marketing articles to a single eBook this is the easiest method to do so. This consists of gathering all your articles on a particular subject. You then eliminate those that are too similar in the material they cover. Once you have all the articles you can use, organize them by sub-topic. Each of these sub-topics will become a chapter within the eBook. Eliminate those articles which are not as strong as the others until you have an eBook of the correct length.

3. Rewrite the transitions. In this option you are actually going to turn your marketing articles into a single unified eBook. In most cases you’ll find that most of your article is valuable information. However, a portion of it is used to introduce the topic or provide sufficient explanations for portions that aren’t included in the article. This excess needs to be removed. The result will be a collection of unrelated facts in the correct order. Now you need to turn them into a series of related facts. This is done by writing the transitions between the article bodies. Once this is done you can add an introduction and conclusion to each chapter. Finally, you need to add an introduction and conclusion to the book. The result will be a somewhat disjointed but reasonable book. You then need to rewrite the book to improve the quality and provide a consistent style to the writing.

4. Expand on the articles. The third technique of creating an eBook from marketing articles is less about reusing articles as it is about reusing ideas. Most marketing articles are shorter than is really appropriate for the topic. Typically these articles are required to have a very low word count. As a result, explanations are limited and alternatives are simplified. Most marketing articles could very easily be enlarged by two or three times. In this method you use that technique to write an eBook. You do this by selecting a small number of articles on your topic. Each article will become a single chapter in the eventual eBook. You then use the information in the article as a jump off point to create the chapter. Lists of seven or nine hints or tips generally work best for this. In those cases you can use the article as the basis for the chapter. You then need to expand on each point until you have enough words for your eBook.

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